BlackBirdie 2022



Black Birdie 2022 is held in Norreda, conveniently located next to the dead people dumping ground of Fjällnora.

You will be at mercy of the black bird as the location does not have any immediate neighbours and no close by facilities such as restaurants and hotels.

But fear not, there is a lake and sauna on the premises. Feeding and basic hydration of visiting nestlings will be taken care of by the initiates of the black bird.


There are a few buildings, and the party will take place on site and in the main building.

There will not be any fancy fiber access provided and we do not supply infinite amounts of power to drive your kitchen utensils, concert grade pa and such, be mindfull of what you bring.


By Car

Norreda Torp
GPS: 59.816119311418866, 17.906464153092216
Google Maps Norreda torp

By Public Transport

Step one
Make it to Uppsala .

Step two
From there you take bus nr 809 (towards Knutby) to “Funbo Kyrka”.

Step three
The last part is a bit of a walk so we will provide shuttle service.
Just give us a howler with eta, and another one when nearing arrival.
Be sure to check timetables when planning your trip

From Far Far Away

Make it to Uppsala. Nearest airport is Stockholm - Arlanda (ARN), situated right between Uppsala and Stockholm.
Then follow the instructions for public transport.

— The Black Birdie Crew