BlackBirdie 2022


All tickets include food!
Yes you read it right!! Food included!!

From light late supper on friday to sunday breakfast. We’re kickin’ it Black Birdie style!

Available ticket levels

The Oprah - You get funding, and you get funding, and you…

You get it right?
Those of you that feel the urge to support the event can add whatever amount.

Cost: Ticketlevel + whatever…

The Murtaugh - Old old oldskool

“I’m getting too old for this shit!” We have secured a small number of beds for the realy, realy oldskool participants, you just need to bring bed linens.
These tickets include pick-up service at the bus-stop if you arrive via public transportation.

Cost: 800 SEK

The McClane - Bed? I don’t even need shoes…

Now I’m going to a demoparty, ho ho ho…
This is the hardcore one. Bring a tent, wind shelter, sleeping bag and sleeping pad or whatever.
You don’t care, and we don’t either.

Cost: 500 SEK

The Gummo - Down on your luck? Are things hard at the moment?

Just like the characters in Gummo, you might be having a hard time.
Contact us and we’ll sort something out.

Cost: Individually priced.

— The Black Birdie Crew